Meditation for Thursday 7th September 2023

Many people like to prepare for meditation by being still and silent. The period of silence and stillness does not have to be any longer than a couple of minutes but when we quiet down we find that we are better equipped to open our hearts. Some people practice silence in a much more disciplined and rigorous way. They vow to stay away from their phones and computers for a specific period of time. It might be an hour, a day, a week or a month. For most of us it is unlikely that we would remain silent for longer than a day although there are certain lifestyles that relish silence for much longer periods.

I love music on my radio and enjoy TV, but from time to time I switch off the radio, silence the phone and put the TV remote under a cushion. I love news and current affairs but enjoy a fast from news even if it’s for a few hours. We all need these times of silence to cultivate inner calm and peace. A more demanding fast is when we don’t write or read.

Be still and listen to the inner voice.

I like this quote from author Paul Gorman…..

“For someone deeply trapped in a prison of thought, 

how good it can feel to meet a mind that hears, a heart that reassures. 

It’s as if the listening mind is, in and of itself, an invitation to another mind to listen too. 

How much it can mean when we accept the invitation and hear the world anew.”

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