On a lovely mild Autumnal day a group of thirteen set out from Lilydale rail station on a sort of mini Pilgrimage to walk the 7km track to Mt Evelyn. We began with a short reflection from the booklet The Carmelite Way Pilgrimage, choosing for ourselves a memorable Carmelite quotation to reflect on as we walked. I chose this one from St Teresa of Avila: “It is more necessary to love much than to think much. Always do that which impels you most to love.” These words continued to guide me as I have a tendency to think and to analyse rather than to let myself feel love and joy. It was easy walking on the wide track, each at his/her own pace, delighting in the rich colour of many Autumn trees and the many breeds of dogs held on leash by their owners. Marlene, whom I had only met on Zoom at Lectio, asked me, the lone Anglican, about my life, and it was good to listen to her reflections on the spiritual life as we walked. When we came together at Mt Evelyn Michelle introduced a reflection in which we all shared, and then we were ready to eat, some of us sharing thoughts that had come to us on the journey. I loved Teihard de Chardin’s piece on Trust in the Slow Work of God. The day was altogether delightful, the sense of community enhanced. Concluding words from St Teresa: “It is a great thing to have experienced what friendship and joy the Lord gives to those who walk on this road of prayer”.  Philippa

Here’s a few photos from along the way.