Peter Thomas who facilitates the usual Thursday evening meditation has produced a series of ten podcasts.

Listen to each of the episodes to gain some appreciation of the value of meditation and mindfulness to your life. Treat each episode as a ‘lesson’, as though you are doing a course in meditation. Study the questions that arise from each one and answer the questions supplied as best as you can.

The presenter of this series, “Meditation & Mindfulness” is Peter Thomas, facilitator of a meditation group for 25 years and a meditator for over 30 years. He has provided workshops and training to a range of community organisations, schools and spiritual centres. He convenes a weekly meditation group at the Carmelite Centre in Middle Park.

All music used in this series is Royalty and Copyright Free. ‘Meditation & Mindfulness’ is a podcast presentation of the Carmelite Centre Middle Park, Vic. Australia.

Episode 1 – Introduction

Words of encouragement as the listener embarks on a journey of meditation 

What does happiness mean in the midst of suffering?
Success and failure.
A whole of life experience.
Living the meditative life.
1.     Are there moments of meditative practice already in your life, moments you can build on?
2.     What are your expectations for meditation?
3.     How can meditation become a ‘whole of life experience’ for you?

Episode 2 – Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Distinction between meditation and mindfulness.
  • Points of concentration.
  • Aim – ‘living in the present moment.’
  • Taking control of life.

1.     Reflect on the difference between meditation and mindfulness.
2.     What are some simple mindfulness practices you could incorporate into your life?
3.     Do you understand what is meant by ‘living in the present moment’?

Episode 3 – Technique
  • The Breath.
  • Posture
  • Eyes
  • Hands


  1. Try the ‘breath’ technique. Does it work for you?
  2. Why must we sit in a certain way?
  3. Why do we pay attention to our eyes and hands?
Episode 4 – Interiority
  • Aids to meditation including wraps, shawls (prayer shawls), blankets; etc.
  • Wisdom and knowledge…the difference?
  • Two main categories of meditation.
  • No meaning in success or failure.


  1. Do you understand the notion of interiority?
  2. Are you the sort of person who expects to fail?
  3. Are your expectations for meditation unrealistic?
Episode 5 – Silence & the Present Moment
  • Embracing silence.
  • Hindrances to silence.
  • Sense stimulation.
  • Being in the Moment.
  • Each moment is unique.
  • Gratefulness and meditation.

1.     What does silence mean to you?
2.     How can you incorporate silence into your life?
3.     How can you bring meditation and a sense of gratefulness together?

Episode 6 – Traditions: Spiritual and Secular
  • Spiritual Traditions – Jewish, Islam,
  • Buddhist, Christianity, Hindu & others.
    Is Meditation an escape?


  1. What do you know about meditation in spiritual traditions other than your own?
  2. Is the spiritual aspect of meditation important to you?
  3. What do you say to those who see meditation as an escape from reality?
Episode 7 – Meditation as Therapy
  • Candle Meditation.
  • It’s the intention that matters.
  • Meditation as a complimentary path.
  • Concentration.
  • Ref Ep 7…Meditation is rooted in ancient spiritual practice and a topic of modern science. The science of meditation and mindfulness is well advanced through clinically-validated research. A quick Google internet search will reveal a surfeit of material from some of the most respected educational institutions around the world.


1.     Have you investigated the scientific evidence for the value of meditation?
2.     Can you see meditation as a complimentary therapy?
3.     Are you meditating to assist you with a physical or mental illness?

Episode 8 – Questions & Answers
  • What is mindfulness? / What is meditation?
  • What are our expectations from meditation?
  • Is mindfulness just another word for meditation?
  • What should I concentrate on?
  • Etc


  1. The questions are as above. Try and answer them as best you can
Episode 9 – Spirituality & a Four Week Program
  • Meditation as prayer.
  • Four week program of meditation and


  1. Is meditation part of your prayer routine?
  2. In what way is meditation beneficial as prayer?
  3. Are there mindfulness practices that are prayerful?
Episode 10 – And so the Journey has Begun

A summary… How to Meditate