"The deeper one is drawn into God, the more one must 'go out of oneself'; that is, one must go to the world in order to carry the divine life into it."

Edith Stein



Our Mission is to leverage and build on the Carmelite tradition and bring the essence of this tradition of contemplation, service and hospitality to the community through a range of spirituality based programs and experiences. The Carmelite tradition honours the individual, embraces community and welcomes people who seek spirituality and personal enrichment.

Our Purpose is to facilitate spiritual journeys, growth and community by encouraging contemplation, independent and free thinking, and an attitude of simplicity, humility and grace.


Our Vision is to be a leader in facilitating spiritual journeys, growth and ethical communities in the Carmelite tradition.

The Carmelites are members of an international Catholic religious order of friars, nuns and lay people with a continuous spiritual tradition spanning eight centuries and cultures of both East and West. The Order originated around the 1190s in a group of hermits living by the “spring of Elijah” on Mount Carmel in Crusader Palestine. Between 1206 and 1214 they obtained a rule of life from Saint Albert of Vercelli, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, and some decades later began founding houses in Europe. By 1247 they had joined the thriving mendicant or friar movement, adding preaching and pastoral care to their contemplative tradition. Their patron, the Virgin Mary, and their place of origin, give them their official name, Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel; in England they were popularly called White Friars.

Today more than 50,000 friars, nuns, sisters and lay Carmelites around the world continue in the same spiritual lineage. The photo above shows Mount Carmel today and the Carmelite monastery on the highest peak. [used with permission from biblewalks.com]

Carmelites, conscious of being part of the Church and of history, live in a fraternity that is open to God and to people, able to listen and give an authentic response to the evangelical life according to their own charism, and they commit themselves to build the Kingdom of God wherever they are. Indeed they are committed to evangelisation in houses of prayer, centres of spirituality, parishes, Marian sanctuaries, schools, religious associations; and to Justice and Peace wherever human dignity is trodden underfoot, especially among the poor, the marginalised, the suffering.

For more information about The Carmelites, please visit  The Official Website of the Carmelite Order.


The Carmelite Centre is managed by a small team of dedicated professionals and ministry hub leaders committed to reaching and engaging the local and wider community to help them explore spirituality and the principles of the ‘Carmelite Way’.


The Centre Administrator, Pastoral Adviser and Planning Coordinator and web assistant provide day-to-day management of the Centre and all its core programs and services. This team, along with several Ministry Hub Leaders, are responsible for the creation, development and coordination of programs.  The Team is ably supported by volunteers who assist with marketing and promotion. If you would like to volunteer please email Irene at info@thecamelitecentremelbourne.org


Irene Hayes | Administrator

Irene is The Carmelite Centre Administrator and manages the daily operations of the Centre and is the key contact and coordinator for core activities.

Damien Peile | Pastoral Adviser

Damien helps in managing relationships within the Carmelite Family. Damien is a Pastoral Supervisor and also provides Spiritual Mentoring and counseling. These services can be provided either in person or via zoom.

Bernadette Micallef | Planning and Web Assistant

Bernadette is the Planning Coordinator and web assistant who also updates the website and coordinates the monthly e-newsletters. Bernadette also provides Spiritual Direction at the Centre either in person or via zoom.


Natalie Kobica | Admin Support

Natalie is one of our meditation leaders and also provides admin assistance in the areas of meditation programs and Lectio Divina.


Lectio Divina – David Hofman OCarm

Tuesday Meditation – Irene Hayes, Natalie Kobica

Thursday Meditation – Peter Thomas

Centering Prayer – Kathryn Pile

Carmelite Conversations – Bernadette Micallef, Irene Hayes and Damien Peile

Eco-Spirituality Reader Circle – Michael Murry and Barbara Daniels

Scripture Study Groups – Clare McArdle

These leaders are assisted by other volunteers. If you would like to volunteer please email Irene at info@thecamelitecentremelbourne.org