We continue our reflections from Gerald May’s book, the Wisdom of the Wilderness, for this month – on the theme of courage.

Gerald May says:

  • Sometimes you just take your chances. There’s a sort of freedom when you’ve done what you can do and you just have to give up and let be. Someone said courage is fear that has said its prayers. Perhaps the thing that I feel now as I stand in the night [in the wilderness] is the raw nature of courage.
  • Fear and courage…they are made of the same stuff…maybe courage just has a little extra choice in it.


Psalm 56:3 “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.”

As you begin to relax now in body and mind, slow your breathing, and enter your meditation, centering your prayer…a final word from Gerald May…and from Teresa of Avila to remind us to rest peacefully giving ourselves to you God in prayer.

Gerald May: Show me the way to savouring…not controlling. Dear God hear my prayer: make me forever copeless…

In the words of Teresa of Avila: There is no obstacle that I cannot overcome. I will want for nothing. You alone suffice.

Love and every blessing, Kathryn, Meditation Leader.



Gerald May, The Wisdom of Wilderness: Experiencing the Healing Power of Nature, Harper Collins, 2006, NY.

John Kirvan, Let Nothing Disturb You, Teresa of Avila: Ave Maria Press, USA, 1996.


Let me know how you are finding this time – I always like to hear from you. Remember to watch an introduction to Centering Prayer Meditation with Kathryn. You can see it here

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