Meditation for Thursday 31st August 2023

There is a wonderful story in the book ‘Awakening the Heart” by Lama Surya Das, Bantam books 2001, that illustrates the importance of being oneself. 

The story is about a Jewish man, Itzhak who spent his life trying to be good.  Nonetheless just before his death he began to worry that maybe he has been a failure. So he asked himself these questions…

“Have I been a good leader like Moses?”

“Have I been as wise as Solomon?”

“Have I had the vision of Isaiah?”

When Itzhak dies he is met with a different set of questions which astonish him.

“Did you have the wisdom of Itzhak?”

“Did you have the vision of Itzhak?”

“Were you, Itzhak genuinely and authentically yourself?”

The practice of meditation removes those fantasies about the future or of a time when everything will be the way we want it to be. 

The present moment is here and this is the ‘song’ we sing. 

This is our reality. Our ‘song’.

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