Meditation for Thursday 14 September 2023

Some years ago I knew a man called Alf who used to stand on the corner of Lonsdale and Elizabeth Streets in the city and closely observe people. He always had a smile on his face and with each observation wondered about the person’s life and wished them well. It was Alf’s way of blessing each person wishing them a happy, fulfilled life. Alf told me this helped him to reach out and love even those that seemed unlovable. Upon leaving the street he would take their images in his mind and would spend time in meditation wishing them well. 

I ask myself does love arise spontaneously for all the people in the street and the supermarket? Do I have any love for the politicians I don’t agree with, racists and people who perpetrate violence?

If not, I have a bit of work to do!

Beginning with mindfulness, observing our reactions to the people we encounter, looking for feelings of attraction, aversion and indifference is a worthwhile exercise. It assists us to identify any tendencies we might have in discriminating between those we like, those we dislike and those we do not care about. As long as we continue this discrimination we will limit our capacity to love.

Meditation is a way for us to be authentic and therefore to be open, a foundation on which to build a life of love.

Try this…..Imagine a number of people around you, your family and friends to the right and left of you. Now visualise in front of you those you dislike or have hurt you. Now look beyond these and imagine that there are people around you extending as far as the eye can see. Don’t feel crowded, but imagine that a sense of harmony and peace pervades everyone. Consider how nice it would be, for yourself and others, if you were able to love all beings.

Now let’s bring ourselves into the present moment as we empty the mind and refresh ourselves in the joy of stillness….




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