Meditation for Thursday 2nd May 2024

When we hold a piece of bread in our hands ready to eat, if we are mindful we can eat the bread in a manner that will allow us to touch the whole cosmos deeply.

A piece of bread contains sunshine, that’s easy to see and understand. Without sunshine, the piece of bread would not be a piece of bread.

A piece of bread contains water which comes from the rain which comes from the clouds. Without clouds the wheat that gives us flour cannot grow.

So when we eat the piece of bread, we eat the cloud, we eat the sunshine, we eat the minerals, time, space, everything.

One thing contains everything!

With the energy of mindfulness, we can see deeply and in seeing deeply we have the capacity to make us present, fully alive, deeply understanding, and loving.

We meditate to bring ourselves into the present moment and we practice mindfulness in conjunction with our daily meditation.

Both meditation and mindfulness meditation help us see deeply.

Both meditation and mindfulness meditation help us to feel connected.

When we are connected we will touch the cosmos deeply.



The thoughts expressed above are based on those taught by Thich Nhat Hanh in his book “Going Home, Jesus and Buddha as Brothers”, Pub: Random House 1999.

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