Meditation for Thursday 16th May 2024

Our regular commitment to meditation helps us to keep our relationships genuine and real.

We don’t have to pretend, we aren’t afraid to be known.

When in the present moment or living as much as we can in the ‘now’, we can see ourselves more clearly. We’re not distracted by past memories and future anxieties.

We become aware of unnecessary and self-defeating attitudes. Watching ourselves we learn to let go of inauthentic behavior.

Meditation helps us be more present and to deal with situations as they occur. It propels us into dealing with things in the moments thus relieving us from the burden of deferral.

Meditation helps us be attentive and to let go of those past things that prevent us from being authentic; from being our true selves.

Meditation helps us see reality.

Meditation helps us be more authentically true to ourselves.

Try this today….



You are fully present. Enjoy the miracle

of the present moment.

Peace and joy.




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