Meditation for Thursday 21st September 2023

We meditate for a variety of reasons but in most instances whether we are aware of it or not we meditate to assist us in living rich and meaningful lives. Meditation does this by attuning us to our moment-to-moment experiences and gives us some direct insights into how our minds create unnecessary anguish.

When we worry and fret about things, e.g. our children, grand-children, health, whether we are living up to the expectations of others including God, meditation brings us back to the secure safety of the present moment. When we find ourselves being anxiously competitive meditation helps us see it as superficial and unnecessary. Even when illness and death visit us or our loved ones, meditation helps us understand and accept the natural order of things.

Change is as inevitable as taxes and death however meditation can be an antidote against the anxiety that accompanies change.

Research and clinical practice over the last 30 years has shown that meditation holds great promise in ameliorating psychological suffering. Just this week I saw an ad from the Meditation Teacher’s association of Australia seeking applications from registered clinical psychologists to undertake training in meditation. Many religious traditions have for centuries practiced forms of meditation that achieve the same end.

I would encourage anyone who wants to enhance their meditation experiences to seek out a meditation retreat where you can distance yourself physically from day-to-day activities and practice meditation with a supportive community. Usually these retreats place great store in continuous mindfulness practices with intensive meditation sessions and helpful lectures and counselling.

Not everyone has this opportunity but to some extent this can also be done at home.

When we befriend our fears and find a genuine peace we know that meditation is having its effect. Whether you are seeking to enhance your spiritual life or trying to alleviate stress (the two are not mutually exclusive) meditation is a powerful tool, a refreshing practice, a wonderful way of life.




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