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Greetings to our Carmelite family and friends,

Once again in week 4 of the Season of Creation we are invited to listen to the voice of Creation, to ponder in prayer the story of the Universe; to live contemplative lives filled with wonder and awe at what we see and hear all around us. 

Do we continue to think of the universe as something ‘out there,’ something accessible only by telescope or rocket ship, something completely separate from us?

Elizabeth A Johnson, CSJ offers a thought on who we are in creation: ‘A flourishing humanity on a thriving Earth in an evolving universe, all together filled with the glory of God – such is the theological vision and praxis we are being called to in this critical age of Earth’s distress.’

Your Carmelite JPIC Team


Recommended viewing currently on ABC Tuesday’s 9.30 pm TV or on IVIEW – ‘Home – The Story of Earth’. A four part series, Episode 1 – Air and Episode 2 – Water have already been shown on TV.