Meditation for Thursday 30th March 2023

These are some of the things we could perhaps consider as we embark on the meditation journey…..

  • Accept that the mind is restless and discursive and that is a useful thing. It is natural. But to meditate it needs to be controlled. We need to quiet the mind.


  • Quieting the mind is a challenge and indeed perhaps the greatest challenge we face when we meditate. With practice we can achieve wonderful results.


  • When we are meditating under difficult circumstances adopt a positive attitude and see it as a challenge. Noisy environments are usually the major obstacle to a quiet mind.


  • In time we find that we are no longer controlled by our thoughts, instead we can use the mind’s unique abilities for our own higher purpose. We have tapped into the inexhaustible power of the mind.


  • We hope that during our periods of meditation that we will reach moments of what we might call ‘transcendence’. If we meditate for say 20 minutes these moments may be fleeting but they offer consolation and help us to persevere. We should not look for ‘transcendence’ but rather let these moments evolve naturally.


  • Transcendence’ is usually when we realize oneness, completeness and harmony with the world around us. It helps us to go with the flow of things just as they are, without resistance or clinging, knowing and rejoicing that we are part of something bigger than ourselves…

Let us now spend time in meditation, placing ourselves in the present moment………



N.B. There will be no meditation in the Malone Room on Thursday 6th April as some will attend church services and others will be away on an Easter break. We resume on the following Thursday, 13th April.

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