Over the last few months we have reflected on themes of Peace and Gratitude, Choosing Life, and this month Divine Beauty, using John O’Donohue’s book of that title.

John O’Donohue tells us:

~ At birth we were awakened and emerged to become visible to the world. At death, we will surrender again to the dark to become invisible…awakening and surrender: they frame each day and each life. When the Celts…or the Ancient Greeks searched for meaning they raised their eyes beyond the horizon to the mountains and heavens. There they glimpsed a vision of order which was to become their understanding of beauty…external beauty which presides over the awakening and surrender.

~ The human soul is hungry for beauty. When we experience the Beautiful, there is a sense of homecoming…we feel alive…the needs of our soul met…beauty brings a sense of completion, of sureness. Like the seamless embrace of water we can slip into the [Divine] Beautiful with the same ease: something ancient in us already trusts that this embrace will hold us.

~ When we awaken to the call of Beauty, we become aware of new ways of being in the world…we were created to be creators.

As you begin to relax now in body and mind, slow your breathing, and enter your meditation, centering your prayer and intention to worship the Lord in the Beauty of his holiness.

Love and every blessing, Kathryn, Meditation Leader


Reference: John O’Donohue, Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, Bantam Press, 2003, UK.

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Kathryn Pile leads a meditation on the first Tuesday of the month at 1:00pm in the Malone Room (214 Richardson Street, Middle Park).   It runs for 50 minutes and is followed by an invitation to share a cuppa and conversation.