Meditation for Thursday 23rd March 2023

Today let’s look at some writings about meditation from well-known teachers…..

“Meditation does not mean clinging to, identifying with or taking possession of something.

All of this only leads to suffering. Meditation means looking, watching, becoming aware, understanding. It leads to scrutinizing love.”                      (Anthony De Mello – Indian Jesuit)

“To meditate means to see the sun of the mind to rise after a night of visitation of tempest and thunderstorm of the soul. If you wish to have a fresh look at the world, learn to meditate.”                                                                             (Indian Wisdom)

“To practice walking meditation really means to enjoy walking – not walking to arrive somewhere, but walking for the sake of walking. There is no other purpose than to be in the present moment, intentionally to feel the breath and the walking, and to enjoy every step.”

                                                                                                    (Thich Nhat Hanh)

“The word meditation does not just mean thinking, reflecting, examining, looking and pondering; in Sanskrit it has another much deeper meaning – measuring, in the sense of becoming.                                                                           (Krishnamurti – Indian Philosopher)

“In western civilization we have well understood to act, but forgotten to be.

Therefore hardly anybody in the west can deal with solitude and silence.”

                                                                                           (Matthias Stöbener, Christian Monk)

“If you let the muddy water settle, it will get clear.

If you let your agitated mind settle, your behavior likewise will become clear.”

                                                                                                    (Buddha Shakyamuni)

“The gift of meditation is a precious gift. For it is through meditation that you can undertake the journey to discover your nature and to find the stability and confidence you will need to live and to die well.”                                                                (Sogyal Rinpoche)

Spend a little time thinking about each of these statements.



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