Meditation for Thursday 21st March 2024

In order for us to get the full benefit of meditation it is vital that we examine whether we are in touch with the following..

  • Reconnecting with our own truth. We can do this by spending a few mindful minutes each day.
  • Naturalness and comfort are essential to practice. Being natural is the opposite of anxiety and stress, so we let ourselves emerge.
  • Simplicity keeps our engagement with the world straightforward. Simple walks. Simplicity in our talk. Let’s be honest.
  • Loosen control by letting go. Let go of our anxieties and tendencies to control.
  • Authenticity in our reckoning with our self and dealings with others. Being honest with our self in our moment-to-moment living.
  • Be open, inclusive and accepting all the while trying not to be judgmental and critical.

Seasoned meditators will tell you that they feel intuitively that their practice has helped them with reconnecting, with the ability to act naturally, with honesty that flows from adopting simplicity, with the capacity to surrender control of every situation, to valuing authenticity and to have the gift of non-censuring by accepting people as they are.

These are the gifts of meditation. These are the reasons so many people seek out contemplative practice. These are all within our grasp!



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