Meditation for Thursday 14th March 2024

Most of us have observed toddlers at play absorbed in their activity oblivious to anything around them. Like babies they often live in Being mode. Sadly as adults we generally live in Doing mode most of the time knowing that we should spend more time in just Being.

When we meditate or when we are living mindfully we are in Being mode. It’s a chance to give our mind a rest period. Doing mode is about taking action and seeing results, an absolutely essential part of day-to-day living whether in our private or public life. But Doing mode is not helpful in managing emotions.

In Doing mode, we often do things automatically, many times without giving a thought to what we are doing. When we are in Doing mode on auto-pilot we are not in the present moment. This state of mind is not helpful in managing feelings, sensations or passion. The big danger is that auto-pilot can get stuck in the ‘On’ position relegating our Being in the moment times to rare or not at all.

Realistically auto-pilot is vital to living but it’s a question of balance. Small moments of mindfulness in the midst of our Doing are essential for our emotional and spiritual well-being.



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