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Greetings to Carmelite family and friends,

Sunday 3rd July will see many prominent members of our Catholic Church come together for the continuation of the momentous event in our Australian Church, The Second General Assembly of the Plenary Council.

This month JPIC Team member Peter Thomas draws attention to the link between NAIDOC celebrations and the Framework for Motions  (items for discussion at the Plenary). This significant document includes several important motions to recognise the need for Catholic Church reforms as we develop our relationships with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

The Australian Church is being invited to participate in many ways, some of which are shown in this month’s newsletter with links to many pertinent documents you may like to look up relating to the Plenary Council. Our personal and communal prayers will support those who are attending as well as help us to continue to be open to the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit.

Our own Plenary Council will not see the end of the dialogue for church renewal and reform with discussions being prepared for the worldwide 2023 Synod on Synodality.  Pope Francis is convinced that Vatican II set in motion a trajectory of change that is reshaping Catholicism as we journey into a new era. 

Your Carmelite JPIC Team