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Good afternoon friends and members of the Carmelite Family

For us in the southern hemisphere, we welcome September this week after our cold winter as nature announces the much longed for warmer Spring weather.

The 1st September also proclaims the World Day of Prayer for all people of faith inviting us to take time to hear the silent tears of our planet Earth as it is ravaged and plundered and its delicate ecosystem destroyed.

We are called to raise our voices to God by joining this ecumenical Season of Creation, with prayers of listening to the planet and to the voice of God guiding and empowering us with courage to take necessary action to help prevent the tragic environmental destruction all over the world.

The burning bush, this year’s Seasons of Creation symbol, is present in the multiple fires that the northern hemisphere has suffered this summer. But, also, this bush symbolizes the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in our hearts, which gives us the impulse to continue with the mission of Laudato Si’.

Please join us in this month of prayer and contemplation to transform our attitude and our desire to care for our common home.

Your Carmelite Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Team