Meditation for Thursday 29th June 2023

Meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzburg recommends ten ways in which we can deepen our practice of meditation.

• Think of kindness as strength, not as a weakness.

• Look for the good in yourself.

• Remember that everyone wants to be happy.

• Recollect those that have helped or inspired you.

• Practice at least one act of generosity a day.

• Do loving kindness meditation.

• Include those who seem left out.

• Refrain from speaking ill of others.

• “Walk a mile in another person’s shoes before you pass judgment”
Sharon Saltzberg ‘The Power of Meditation’Workman Pub. 2011

These recommendations are foundational guides found in most spiritual and religious traditions even if sometimes they are abused or ignored. They might be expressed differently as often they are adapted to accommodate cultural differences but fundamentally they are an expression of the Judaic Ten Commandments on which our Western civil law and hence civilisation is built.

Many people coming to meditation for the first time do not appreciate this moral underpinning.

Without it we can say unequivocally that it is impossible to make meditation a life-changing practice.
Through regular practice of meditation we discover the joy of simplicity, of connection, of presence.

Simplicity, connection, presence; three gifts that will enrich all our lives.


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