Meditation for Thursday 25th May 2023

Last time we considered the value of silence. Let’s continue to do that this week.

In silence we gain insight on the true nature of reality, the reality that when done, like some of you, but not all with the motivation of prayer, is God.

In silence we learn…

  • Things about ourself.
  • Develop better coping mechanisms.
  • Grow in confidence.
  • We are loved and that we are lovable.

To be silent is an active, engaged pursuit. Often seen as counter-cultural, even radical some people find it fearful.

Once you embrace silence it becomes a wonderful gift, one that we will treasure.

Meditation is an experience in aloneness, but it is not an experience in isolation. Silence leads us towards our interior life and simultaneously outwards to other human beings, to the world in general.

Silence gives us the gift of insight. We can’t possibly change ourselves or the world without changing the way we see things, without insight. And we know that awakening doesn’t happen only with the intellect. We need to engage our whole being right in the heart of the present moment.

And the very simple way to do this is with silence and the regular practice of meditation.



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