Meditation for Thursday 1st June 2023

We know that meditation and mindfulness can help deal with difficult emotions that arise from time to time throughout our life. On their own they are not a substitute for counselling and other therapeutic practices, but they do provide a compliment. A common human failing is attachment usually expressed as clinging and grasping, a characteristic of anxious attachment in contrast to secure attachment.
Attachment can be emotionally draining leading us to focus on the superficial, leading us away from being mindful and often causing us to be selfish and protective of our possessions. Attachment according to Buddhist teaching is at the heart of most human suffering. It is their teaching that ‘all suffering comes from clinging on’ Clinging in this instance means dysfunctional and desperate. In Christianity there is the same teaching.
There are scores of examples in the 1st and 2nd Testaments that alert us to the crippling effect that attachment can have on our lives.
A caveat, there is nothing wrong with attaching so long as there is nothing wrong with un-attaching or detachment.
Meditation and mindfulness practices can provide us with an important tool in helping to find satisfaction and happiness in being detached from those things that destroy peace in our lives.



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