I came to Lectio Divina in 2017. I hadn’t intended to ‘start’ Lectio Divina but as a post graduate student at the Catholic Theological College, I was studying Meditation, and wanted to experience first-hand what it was all about. I first rang The Carmelite Centre because I thought I might need permission to come!

What a warm, inclusive welcome greeted me, and how well run the group; providing space for the Spirit, and guided by theological notes open to discussion, encouraging reflection and prayer.

Not everyone can come every week, but the ever-present Spirit.  And my story doesn’t have an end. I went on to run my practical sessions for course assessment, with many willing volunteers from the group. I now am blessed indeed to run weekly Centering Prayer meditation sessions as one of the many offerings of the Carmelite Centre. Lectio Divina however continues to provide a forum essential for my spiritual growth.

by Kathryn