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Greetings Friends, Sisters and Brothers in Carmel,

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26 and as the Glasgow Conference, is about to start at the end of this week in Scotland.  Coming to agreement and contributing to fruitful decisions to overcome the disastrous effects of climate change are just some of the big questions governments in the world are facing, together, as one humanity. 

Our November JPIC issue encourages us to raise awareness of this important meeting in Glasgow; to pray that the Holy Spirit will walk prophetically with those leaders involved in the discussions to find fair solutions for the many crises troubling our world.

 Your Carmelite Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Team


If faced with the challenge not just of this pandemic but of all the ills that afflict us at this time, we can act as a single people, life and society will change for the better. This is not just an idea but a call to each of us, an invitation to abandon the self-defeating isolation of individualism, to flow out from my own ‘little lagoon” into the broad river of a reality and destiny of which I am part, yet which at the same time lie beyond me.’ 

Let us Dream – A Path to a Better Future, Pope Francis 2020