Meditation for Thursday 11th April 2024

Posture is important when meditating as when we sit straight this helps to stabilize the mind.

Our breathing should be slow, smooth, and natural and our eyes gently closed or in a soft gaze.

Our attitude is one of letting go of everything and resting in the effortless state of no-mind. We are in a state on non-doing.

We are sitting and forgetting.

This moment of meditation is a time when we engage in no activity or connect with anything that is perceived. We have no intention to do anything or to control or change anything.

When distractions come we acknowledge them but just as quickly we let them effortlessly slip away. Our conceptual mind at this point loses all its supports and becomes empty.

We sit in silence doing nothing in particular except concentrating on our breath. After a while the awareness of our point of concentration might dissolve. If this results in us resting in nothingness that’s, OK. If it opens our mind to distraction then its better we stay with our point of concentration. Don’t try to do nothing, release all trying and non-trying. Let the state of nothingness evolve naturally. The mind becomes quiet and we feel grounded.

We are sitting and forgetting in emptiness.

It’s in the emptiness that we are fulfilled.



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