Meditation for Thursday 17th August 2023

Stillness is a powerful antidote to stress.

Stress comes in different forms but usually manifests itself in stress-related physical or emotional disorders.

Stillness invigorates and enhances our awareness of what life has to offer and especially our connection with others. 

Stillness is fundamental to our interior life, to our spiritual life.

Stillness gets us in touch with our inner child who can play, and wonder, with the clown in us who can laugh and be a fool.

Stillness helps us gain control and when in control we are joyful. The stillness of our spirit gives birth to control thus leaving us free.

Stillness is cultivated when we meditate but it can also be gained while walking along a busy street or sitting at a railway station waiting for the train.

Stillness is about intention. Just as it is our intention to meditate we can create an intention of stillness, to have some intentionality about how we are in a given moment.

Stillness replenishes our interior life, our spirit. It’s powerful. It allows us time and space and outside of our concentration meditation to self-reflect and to hear our thoughts.

Stillness fosters joyfulness, creativity, imagination, empathy, vision, intuition. These are the forgotten powers of the human spirit which make us truly rich.

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