I first attended the Carmelite Centre at the invitation of a friend. She was presenting a talk on the poet Denise Levertov at a monthly ‘Spiritual Reading Group’ held in the Carmelite Library. I am from Perth and welcomed an opportunity to experience something new in Melbourne.

That afternoon began a love affair with the Carmelite Centre. Whenever possible, I attend this group and am always delighted by something new. A gentle sharing of knowledge that is precious to be a part of.

Having had a taste of what the Carmelite Centre offered, I decide to try Lectio Divina. I am a Christian but have never been a part of a Lectio Divina group. It is a most wonderful way to read and contemplate a text of scripture. My week seems incomplete now if I miss Lectio.

In 2016, my husband and I ventured forth on the Carmelite Way Pilgrimage and enjoyed a unique opportunity to leave the everyday routine behind and walk with others in the countryside. What a great experience both spiritually and physically.

I have also participated in day retreats and always find them full of things to ponder and I have become a Carmelite Centre addict and am always looking for a new fix! Although addictive, I think it is a safe drug.

by Lyal