Meditation for Thursday 27 July 2023

Having recently been on holidays I can appreciate the wonder and beauty that a walk in a rainforest can be for the soul. Of course it doesn’t have to be in a rainforest, a walk anywhere at any time can refresh our spirit. This brings me to walking meditation or some might call it walking mindfulness.

Very concentrated, slow walking in a confined area where you feel safe and free from the stares of others is usually walking meditation. Find a room in which you can take ten consecutive steps in slow motion all the while concentrating on and only on your steps. You might like to coordinate your breath with each step. Walking meditation requires good balance so don’t attempt this form of practice if you are a little wobbly.

Walking mindfulness is about taking slow, considered steps but not in slow motion and often in a public space such as on the footpath of a residential street. As you walk you centre your concentration on what is around you; the front picket fences of houses, the trees on the nature strips etc. You become mindful or totally present to what is around you but unlike walking meditation your level of concentration is different.

Give both of these a try. Set a time for walking meditation, say 15 minutes. Choose a reasonably large room or hall and stand perfectly still lowering your eyes to the floor just ahead. Now set off as though you are walking in slow motion. When you reach the end of your room or hall turn very, very slowly and resume your walk until you have walked for the allocated time.

Mindful walking is wonderful because you can do it almost anywhere at any time. Present to what you are doing you are also conscious of your surroundings.

Walking meditation and mindfulness helps us realize that meditation does not depend upon the position of the body. It puts sitting meditation into motion.

I encourage you to try both these practices as you might be surprised at how they perfectly compliment your present sitting practice.

Good luck!