Meditation for Thursday 27th April 2023

Our basic practice is one-pointed focusing upon the breath, a mantra or some visualization. I recommend the breath although it is your choice as you must do what works best for you.

Whatever your point of concentration it is designed to reign-in our wandering thoughts.

As our concentration becomes clearer the mind wanders less. But be cautioned, progress isn’t in a straight line. Some days are good others not so good. But even on those days when concentration proves difficult we can be strengthened in our practice simply by virtue of our perseverance.

When we are able to maintain concentration even for a few minutes calm begins to emerge. We become still and we are at peace. This is often referred to as the state of tranquility. As experienced meditators will confirm this is more than relaxation.  

For some people this tranquility is enough. They seek nothing more from their practice.

The next stage is when our practice leads us to pondering those existential questions. It’s not that we require answers but it does unlock the mind to enquiry in a way that is free from anxiety and happy to leave these bigger questions ‘hanging’.

We don’t fret about ‘not knowing’ and we don’t engage whilst meditating. This stage is something that could well be thought of as a fruit or outcome from practicing regularly.

And now let’s put the cares of the day away and the worries of tomorrow to one side as we place ourselves in the present moment. 



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