Meditation for Thursday 22nd February 2024

Meditation is sometimes associated with ego-dissolution. To an extent this is correct as meditation gets us out of our head where our self-centred thoughts arise, back to being in the present moment. When we are living in the moment we relate to the whole of creation, the whole of the universe and more easily detach our self from concentrating on our ego.

Meditation and mindfulness practices are ideal for ego-reduction and therefore ideal for stress reduction. But a word of warning! In order for us to experience the true benefit of meditation we cannot glory in our meditation ‘success’ nor ignore the fact that our meditation is as much for others as it is for our self.

Sometimes we find ourselves having these thoughts…

  • I must never fail.
  • I can’t enjoy myself without worrying about what must be done.
  • I must never let people down.
  • It’s up to me.
  • I must always be strong.
  • I’m the only one that can do this.
  • I mustn’t waste a minute.
  • What’s the matter with me?
  • Something has to change.
  • There must be something wrong with me.
  • Why can’t I switch off?

With these thoughts we badly need to find ways of stilling our ego as we are experiencing the symptoms of stress. With meditation and mindfulness together with exercise, healthy food and adequate sleep we can greatly minimize the stress in our life.

“Peace can’t be achieved in the outside world unless we have peace on the inside.”



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