Meditation for Thursday 15th June 2023

Those who have attended our meditation sessions over the years will know that I often end a session with a reminder that we not only meditate for ourselves but also we meditate for the benefit of others. Sometimes I will suggest that you dedicate your meditation to some person who is having difficulties in their life or to some world issue. It is a natural extension of being part of a community and not just our meditation community that we should wish benevolence for all people and for the world as a whole.
When we dedicate our meditation to others we acknowledge their humanity. When we do this for people we do not know and cannot see how much more is possible for those we do know and can see. We meditate not just for ourselves but for the benefit of others. When we take this seriously we begin to realize that our own humanity is not at the centre of our individual world but as part of a world we are sharing.
The world is constantly changing and the practice of meditation is often a way of staying in tune and maintaining the harmony between ourselves and the living, changing world around us.



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