Meditation for Thursday 1st February 2024

Recently I read about a woman, let’s call her Hazel waiting for a train at Southern Cross station in Melbourne. It was peak hour and commuters were scurrying to catch their trains to suburban and regional locales. The hubbub from the trains coming in and out of platforms, the constant announcements from railway authorities advising good and bad news, the clamor of people and the hum of the escalators made her anxious. Her head became a jangle of nerves.

It was at this point that Hazel realized she was neglecting what she had been taught. She remembered that she was in the middle of a four-week mindfulness course. Quickly she composed herself and began to recall some of the training she’d received. She remembered that in mindfulness, unlike meditation you observe the sights, sounds and smells around you and take delight in what you sense.

So Hazel on the busy Southern Cross station at peak hour began to listen to the sounds without judging them. Within moments the sound became like a symphony orchestra and the sight of crowds fleeing the city made her smile.

Hazel was practicing mindfulness, being present to what was around her without appraising, just being present to all that she heard, saw and smelt.

Mindfulness cannot be separated from meditation and in fact it is a form of meditation. Mindfulness moments throughout our day are invaluable as we settle down to emptying our mind in formal meditation.



A 5-week ‘Introduction to Meditation’ program will begin on Thursday 22 February. If you know of anyone who might benefit from participating in this course get them to contact the Carmelite Centre at