Meditation for Thursday 20th June 2024

Some meditation teachers write about meditation as coming to your centre. Meditation is sometimes called ‘centreing.’

Even if our meditation is brief or if we are engaged in mindfulness practices we are ‘centreing’, i.e. we are seeking out that stillpoint that signifies the core of our being and thus provides us with a solid grounding. When we are centred we are grounded; we have control over our lives even in the midst of chaos. This has immediate benefits both for us but also those with whom we come into contact with.

Having a strong centre or grounding minimizes or eliminates tension, which as we know can cause multiple problems in life.

Most of us have an understanding of the concept of the centre but it’s an entirely different matter to practice meditation and mindfulness that leads us to that place.

Most religious traditions have practices which are designed to help people be centred although there is nothing particularly religious about centering, though it is spiritual.

The Jewish writer Abraham Joshua Heschel author of “Between God and Man” has written…..

“We see things around us long before we become aware of our own self. Many of us are conscious of the hiddenness of things, but few of us sense the mystery of our own presence.”

The mystery of our own presence is our Centre.



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