in person: Spiritual Reading Group, Philip Harvey on Ways of Reading 'The Cloud of Unknowing', Wednesday 20 September, 10.30am to 12.00pm


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM


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Carmelite Library Middle Park
216 Richardson St, Middle Park, Victoria, 3206

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Please note this event is in person in the Carmelite Library, 216 Richardson Street, Middle Park.

‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ is a short medieval guidebook to the practice of contemplation of God. Written in Middle English, the many modernised versions of the text are a testament to the book’s popularity. In this session, held ‘in person’ in the Carmelite Library, we look at some of the sentences in ‘The Cloud’ and how we can use them in our own daily lives. The session is also an opportunity to appreciate the work of two Melburnians, recently departed, who read and wrote with insight about this spiritual classic, the poet Jordie Albiston (1961-2022) and the priest-scholar Austin Cooper (1931-2023).

Presented by Philip Harvey, librarian of the Carmelite Library of Spirituality

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The Spiritual Reading Group will continue in 2023 on the third Wednesday of the month from 10.30 am to 12.00pm. All are welcome to join for a particular session or regularly. More details will be given about each of these session closer to the event.

The program for the remainder of the 2023 is below:

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15 November – Susan Southall on the Book of Ecclesiastes




Bookings are closed for this event.