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Date(s) - 27/01/2022 - 27/01/2023
12:00 AM


We have launched a WhatsApp group for those interested in connecting with others in our community. For those based in and around Melbourne or if you happen to be visiting. You will need to use the WhatsApp app to join this group.

The purpose is to share opportunities to meet socially and catch up. For example:

  • If you are thinking of having a coffee at a particular location you can post in the chat to see if others would like to join
  • You might invite others join you for a visit to a gallery or movie
  • Invitations to park gatherings or short walks can be posted in the chat
  • You can also post information about relevant events of interest to others

Suzanne Fermanis has kindly agreed to be the administrator for the group.
If you would like to join please email Suzanne 

Suzanne needs your name and mobile phone number to invite you to the group

A few golden rules that help a group function effectively.

  • Keep in mind the purpose of the group and ensure that your post is relevant
  • Use the group for support and connection
  • The chats are not meant for in-depth conversations or arguments
  • Post messages in one chunk of text if possible rather than sending multiple messages
  • Respect other people in the group at all times

if you have any further queries about the group please contact the Carmelite Centre