via zoom: Eco-Spirituality Reading Circle, Tuesday 16 April, 5.00pm


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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In April we will be reading the first section of the book titled “Rooted and Rising…Voices of Courage in a Time of Climate Crisis” edited by Leah Schade and Margaret Bullitt-Jonas.
We will start with Section 1: Rooting in Interfaith Friendship with the three chapters titled:

1. Living in the Four Worlds: Spiritual Practices in the Midst of Climate Disruption;
2. Connecting Faith, Environmental Justice, and Sustainability: An Islamic Reflection; and
3. Building the Eco-Ethical Ark in the Age of Climatic Disruption….. followed by some Questions to Ponder and a Spiritual Practice.

2024 DATES
In 2024 we plan to meet every second month on the third Tuesday of the month this year starting in February. Our dates are as follows: 20 February, 16 April, 18 June, 20 August, 15 October and 19 November.

This Reading Circle is for those intrigued by the contemporary scientific story of the origins of the universe and the evolution of life, and for those who want to articulate a spirituality that embraces this awareness and informs their living.

This Reading Circle seeks encounters with the Divine and the spiritual dimensions of life as manifested in the world’s ecologies, natural environments, challenges brought about through climate change and the mysteries of space and time.

We do this through reading, self-reflection, personal prayer and group discussion utilizing diverse texts written by scientists, theologians, people of faith and people of goodwill.

If you have an interest in a similar spirituality you are very welcome to make contact and join us in 2024.

To book or ask about the activities of the group please contact the Eco-Spirituality Reading Circle directly – email Barbara or Michael

COST OF SESSIONS: Would you shout us a coffee and cake?

The suggested donation to say ‘thank you’ for each Eco-Spirituality Circle is $10 per person per session. That’s less than the cost of a coffee and cake. Kindly make your contribution to the cost of providing our program here. Thank you for helping us continue our work.