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We have an online article which will be the source of our reading and discussion for the first meeting on 6 April 2021. The title of the article is “The Great Unravelling: I never thought I’d live to see the horror of planetary collapse” by Dr Joelle Gergis from the ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society and published in The Guardian, 15 October 2020.

You can download and read the article Joelle Gergis article for Eco April 6 2021.

This reading circle is for those intrigued by the contemporary scientific story of the origins of the universe and the evolution of life, and for those who want to articulate a spirituality that embraces this awareness and informs their living.

The program for 2021 is currently evolving. We have had some suggestions about possible books for the group but we have not decided on any one book or a particular approach to take with our reading in 2021 at this point. We may need to discuss a way forward as part of our first meeting.

To inquire about the activities of the group please contact the Eco-Spirituality group directly – email Barbara or Michael.

Please book for the April session using the form below and pay via bank transfer.Planned meeting dates on Tuesdays in 2021:

6 April

11 May

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Bookings are closed for this event.