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The 2020 Program of Events is available to download. To download, right click on the blue link and select 'Save As' to save on your computer. You can also view the document if you left-click on the link.

The coming six months of the program are also listed under 'Events'. Scroll up to view.


Past Programs

Scroll down to read "What people are saying" about our events. Hold the mouse over the text/image to allow longer reading time. Click the arrows to proceed or simply move the mouse off.

These are our progr​ams from past years. Please feel free to download.




Located within the Carmelite Centre precinct the Carmelite Library of Spirituality and Mysticism provides a unique resource for students of religion, theology and spirituality throughout Australia. With its wide membership which includes graduate and post-graduate students and researchers, clergy and lay people, the library is a popular resource centre for all things spiritual.

Philip Harvey (Librarian) and assistants Susan Southall and Tim Hennessy provide care and support in the Carmelite Library, home to many hundreds of books, arguably one of the largest collections of theological and spiritual books in the nation. You are most welcome to visit the Library to browse. You can also become a Library member and borrow from our extensive collection.

Check out the library website.          There's also a library blog.

The Carmelite Library is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Theological Library Association Ltd. This Association seeks to foster the study of theology and religion by enhancing the development of theological and religious libraries and librarianship.


The Carmelite Library of Spirituality & Mysticism

Library Opening Times

The Carmelite Library re-opened on Wednesday 18 November 2020.
The new hours are:
Wednesday: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm
The library will close for the summer on Friday 11 December.

Library Contact Details

Phone: +61 (03) 9682 8553
Fax: +61 (03) 9699 1944
[email protected]



The Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland (CIBI) Program

CIBI is a collaborative initiative of the British and Irish Provinces of Carmelites and the Angelo-Irish Province of Discalced Carmelites. CIBI is currently offering students a postgraduate programme - Master's of Theology (Carmelite Studies) accredited by St. Patrick's College, Maynooth. At under-graduate level there are three programmes available :

  • Certificate in Spirituality (Carmelite Studies)
  • Diploma in Spirituality (Carmelite Studies)
  • Baccalaureate in Theology (Carmelite Studies)

The Discovering Carmelite Certificate Programme is an initial level programme offering a foundation in various aspects of Carmelite studies. For more information, please visit the CIBI website.

214 Richardson Street,
Middle Park Victoria 3206
+61 3 9690 5430

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