Meditation for Thursday 9th September 2021

Let’s begin tonight with something a little different, an exercise before we meditate in our usual way. So at the end of this reflection just shift into your regular practice.

This is a ‘Light Exercise’ which can last as long or as short as you want. If you are not listening to the audio file then read the written material slowly so that you have sufficient time to absorb each direction……

Imagine a light above your head…………….

on the crown of your head…………….

now on your forehead…………..

and finally on the back of the head.

Now behind your eyes, your nose,

filling your whole head.

While the light remains bright and healing in your head it also begins to filter into the rest of your body bringing it a soothing, calm, peaceful feeling.

Hold the image of this light, Divine if you like, satisfying and richly quiet, serene, tranquil.

Stay with this image, like a glass full,

your head is filled with this healing light.

The light is life, the light soporific.

Enjoy the light.

Let your imagination run free.

Let it help you to feel cozy, free of stress.



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