Meditation for Thursday 9th November 2023

Simplicity is both a much maligned and much-admired way of being.

Simplicity can be seen as a defeatist attitude or as an ideal.

The meditator knows that simplicity comes with the territory in fact it is both the key and the gift of a meditative life.

In meditation we enter into an interior simplicity that brings calmness to our day-to-day living.

Spiritual writer Dutch born Catholic priest Henri Nouwen exhausted from activity took some months off and went on a long retreat to a monastery where he could re-charge his batteries.

Henri in great demand as a writer, lecturer, key-note speaker and a man who generally made himself available anywhere in the world for these tasks, wrote in his book the “Genesee Diary’.…..

“Reflecting on the past three years of work I realise more and more that it lacked unity. The many things I did during those years seem disjointed, not really relating to each other. My meditation seemed separated from the lectures I gave, the counselling I did, the trips I made. My fears and my resulting fatigue over the last three years might well be diagnosed as a lack of single-mindedness, as a lack of one-eyedness, as a lack of simplicity.”

For Meditators there should be no dichotomy between meditation and the activities of our day-to-day living.

They become integrated.



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