Meditation for Thursday 9th March 2023

The Jewish Talmud says: “The Torah may be likened to two paths, one of fire, the other of snow. Turn in one direction, and you die of heat: turn to the other and you die of cold. What should you do?” The resolution it proposes is that we walk in the middle.

Meditation is like that. Be wary of extremes. Relax into your practice. Find YOUR way not a way that is extreme, not a way that is ascetically satisfying but physically and emotionally draining. Avoid extremes!

In meditation, in walking this path of regular practice, what matters is simplicity.

We must make certain that our path is connected to our heart.

Our goal is not happiness at least not in the conventional sense, we are not seeking extraordinary powers. In fact seeking can lead us away from ourselves.

For us to find the right path for our meditation stay close to home, focus directly on what is in front of us, to make sure that our path is secure and connected with our deepest love.

Look at every meditation path closely and deliberately.

Ask one question. Does the path, this practice have heart?

If it does, the path is good.



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