Meditation for Thursday 9th December 2021

Some of you may not be aware that on the Carmelite Centre website there is a set of 10 podcasts which I recorded to assist beginners and as I’ve empasised many times, we are all beginners.

Under the title of “Introduction to Meditation” there are a series of ten modules.

I suggest that people treat each module as a ‘lesson’, as though doing a course on meditation.

The modules cover the following territory…

What does happiness mean in the midst of suffering?

What do we mean by success and failure?

Living the meditative life.

The distinction between meditation and mindfulness.

Central aim, to live in the present moment.

Taking control of life.

Technique and aids to helping with your practice.

Wisdom and knowledge…the difference.

Embracing silence.

Being in the moment.

Gratefulness and meditation.

Spiritual traditions and meditation.

Meditation as therapy.

What are our expectations from meditation?

Meditation as prayer

In what way is meditation beneficial as prayer.

Mindfulness practices that are prayerful.

Hopefully when people listen to these modules they will gain some appreciation of the value of meditation and mindfulness. Study questions accompany each audio module.

Now let us meditate by remain in the present moment, by being in the now, by being attentive to this precious moment.



A reminder that the Carmelite Centre has zoom programs which you might like to explore. Go to……….My thanks to the Carmelite Centre for making the Introduction to Meditation podcasts available on the Carmelite Centre website.