Meditation 8th July 2021


As we continue with the struggle of the virus and its consequences I trust that you have felt some gain from your regular meditation practice. Don’t be too concerned if you haven’t as it’s very common for some people to grapple with contemplative practices during times of stress. Relax anyway you can and find your meditation opportunity in ways that don’t cause you anxiety.

Meditation is often described as the art of focusing 100% of your attention on one thing, usually the breath. Easy to write and say but often difficult to achieve, you will gradually feel a benefit when you are faithful to your meditation practice. The time you spend and the way you meditate varies from person to person yet a routine is essential if you are serious. It’s a bit like taking up exercise; it might hurt for a while but gradually you’ll get to like it and reap the rewards.

To many people a person meditating appears to be doing nothing. Perhaps this story of a young woman, who at the end of her first meditation session turned to the teacher and said, “OK, what’s next?” The teacher replied, “What happens next? This is it.”

Of course the young woman had a point because as you grow into meditation practice deeper levels of awareness will reveal themselves in all aspects of your life. The teacher had a point too. Nothing is required of us in meditation beyond patience, and the capacity to focus the mind and keep it clear of distractions.

I’m sure like me you have discovered that as well as the formal periods of daily meditation you will want to generate moments of awareness or mindfulness during your day. Our formal time of meditation and mindfulness practices go hand-in-glove. And remember if during this stressful time you cannot meditate in your usual way…..then innovate!

And now let’s meditate in a way in which you feel most comfortable remembering always that whilst we meditate for ourselves we also meditate for the benefit of others…..

Meditation – Say 20 Minutes

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