Meditation for Thursday 7th April 2022

Coming here to meditation tonight is your choice. You choose to be present; you choose to be here in the NOW. Let your earlier thoughts and those after you leave here evaporate as you focus on this present moment. As you come into the building and into the meditation room and sit on your meditation chair be in the NOW. Let your mind settle down, relax into your practice with a lightness of spirit as you wait for the gong that signals that the time for paying absolute attention to your breath or what other means you use to focus your mind invites you to experience freedom from desire and ambition.

Meditation is a path, not a goal.

When the gong sounds it begins loudly then gradually fades away. The afterglow of meditation is like the sound of the gong as it dies out. You need to take meditation into your daily lives in order to maintain its benefits and to magnify the effects of meditation; the fruits that come from regular practice.

Many of us see meditation as a spiritual practice not necessarily defined by a traditional religious tradition. In my experience most see it as a spirituality practice. Joseph Campbell a notable interpreter of myth in our day defines spirituality as ‘aliveness’. The goal of meditation is aliveness which can be defined as a balance between body and soul or if you prefer between the mind, the heart and the body.

Close your eyes, sit comfortably but erect with your back straight and your hands in your lap or in any position where they are rested.

As the gong resonates let your body relax and bring yourself into the NOW.



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