Meditation for Thursday 6 October 2022

You may have read this week that “Playschool” on the ABC is the second longest running children’s program in the world, “Blue Peter” on the BBC being the longest.

Recently “Playschool” presented a program for their pre-school audience on Mindfulness.

The presenters, Zindzi and Matt told their audience that they were in a mindfulness cubby, a tent in the studio where the Playschool characters, Big Ted and Little Ted and an assortment of other toys joined them.

They invited the children to imagine smelling the lavender, cinnamon, basil and assorted herbs they had in the cubby.

Matt played the ukulele suggesting to his audience that they listen carefully to the soothing sounds of the strings. Zidzin took a jar of water with glitter, shook it vigorously then allowed the glitter to settle. She suggested the children imagine that sometimes we are all “shook-up” but if we try we can become settled and the way to do this was to breathe mindfully.

I have watched “Playschool” hundreds of times with both my children and grandchildren and enjoyed the simplicity of its production. On this occasion I was thrilled that the producers were teaching these pre-schoolers some basics in the art of mindfulness meditation.

And now let’s meditate in the way each of us is accustomed.


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