Meditation for Thursday 5th May 2022

Helen R. one of our regular Thursday night attendees drew my attention to a guest on the ABC Radio National program, “Soul Search”. Claude AnShin Thomas a Zen monk and author of several books has wise words to share with us about meditation.

“If you embark on a process of sitting meditation please understand that sitting is only the base element of an active meditation practice which is no other than daily life.

But without a committed sitting practice these are just empty words coming out of my mouth. So I encourage people who come in contact with me to cultivate an active sitting practice. When you sit there is nothing to be accomplished, nothing to be gained.

We simply need to become conscious of the essential point which is breath awareness.

It’s not a form to be mastered it’s a process to be engaged with.”    *

What is Claude saying?

  • Meditation is integrated with our daily living.
  • Regular practice is essential…the bookends of our day.
  • Don’t look for success or accomplishment when we meditate.
  • Breath awareness is our point of concentration.
  • The way we meditate is important but our eye must always be on the bigger picture.

Now let’s meditate. Sit comfortably, back straight and with your eyes closed or open if this makes you fall to sleep and your hands in a relaxed position. Take three deep breaths through your nose and allow your body to relax more with every out-breath.



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