Meditation for Thursday 4th August 2022

Most of us experience stress in our lives, sometimes mild and at other times stress that makes our daily living difficult. Although it’s not always easy to meditate when we are in a stressful state the experienced meditator knows that it’s precisely at these times that meditation can help to wipe away stress. When we are anxious, tense or worried the practice of meditation can restore our inner peace. Spending even a few minutes can help restore some peace. We adapt our practice to our circumstances but “needs must” and we should never worry about adaptation providing that when we feel able we return to our usual practice.

Although it’s desirable to find a quiet place to meditate you can practice meditation wherever you are, but usually it’s in the form of mindfulness. When stress is a problem mindfulness meditation is often the best solution.

Originally meditation was practiced for thousands of years as a method to help deepen our understanding and relationship with sacred and mystical forces; with God. Some people in this room would meditate for that purpose today and indeed meditation remains an important form of prayer in many traditions.

These days as well as a spiritual exercise meditation is widely recommended and commonly used for relaxation and stress reduction. In that meditation is a spiritual as well as a health exercise we can rightly claim could claim that it is holistic.

While the spiritual benefits are time proven some health experts, despite a growing body of scientific research believe it’s not yet possible to draw conclusions about the possible health benefits. What we do know is that meditation is a useful tool in helping us to control stress in our lives.

And now let’s meditate always conscious that we meditate for the benefit of others as well as for ourselves.



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