Meditation for Thursday 3rd February 2022

We practice our formal meditation on a Thursday night sitting upright in a chair but the good news is that you can practice meditation wherever you are…..walking, waiting at a doctor’s surgery or even at a bus stop. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years as a way to help deepen our understanding of the sacred and mystical but increasingly in our time it is commonly practiced for relaxation and stress reduction. Some people see meditation as a type of mind-body complementary medicine.

Whatever our motive for meditating we know that when we focus our attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that crowd our mind this greatly assists our emotional well-being. Meditation can give us a sense of calm and peace that benefit us emotionally, spiritually, holistically.

When we meditate we can clear away some of that emotional overload that contributes to strain, anxiety and tension in our life.

Meditation can benefit us in so many ways…

  • We gain perspective on anxious situations.
  • We establish skills to manage our stress.
  • We increase our self-awareness.
  • We focus on the calm of being in the present moment.
  • We increase our imagination and creativity.
  • We become more grateful.
  • We increase our patience and tolerance.
  • We increase our sense of the mystical.

Now let us meditate in the way in which we are most comfortable. There is one recommendation that when meditating we keep or back straight.

When we meditate we meditate not only for ourselves but for the benefit of others.


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