Meditation – Thursday 29th July 2021

At this time of great uncertainty, when many of us are weary and worried about what the next day might bring meditation is a great tool to draw us back to what is important, i.e. the peace and tranquility of living in the moment. Meditation is like a ‘gardener’ helping to cultivate the rich and varied garden of mindfulness moments constantly presented to us in our daily lives.

When we cultivate that ‘garden’ of mindfulness we are significantly less likely to react to those emotional buttons, very often caused these days by 24 hour news cycles announcing the latest bad Covid news.

None of us wants our lives governed by negative emotions as they hold us back from being the person that we are really meant to be. It’s so easy to get caught up in the prejudice, intolerance and impatient attitudes that are fashionable in some media and political circles.

Meditation helps us to relate to others in a positive and hope-filled way because it gives us an authenticity.

When we bring this level of awareness into our lives we are ‘reaching-out’ by helping others to also see that authenticity is what really counts. And authenticity is cultivated in the present moment.

This time of health crisis in the world is the perfect time for us to draw on our meditation skills to assist us and assist others to remain hopeful.

This torrid time in world history is a salient reminder that none of us is perfect…… but it is not perfection that leads us to become good meditators but rather perseverance.

Now let’s meditate in the way in which we are most confident.


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