This is our 43rd week of On-Line Meditation!

I recommend a Netflix documentary, “Headspace, Guide to Meditation”. There are 8 episodes of approximately 20 minutes each.

  1. How to Get Started.
  2. How to Let Go.
  3. How to Fall in Love with Life.
  4. How to Deal with Stress.
  5. How to Be Kind.
  6. How to Deal with Pain.
  7. How to Deal with Anger.
  8. How to Achieve your Limitless Potential..


Tonight’s Reflection…


Many years ago I met Dr Miriam- Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann who on Monday night was named the 2021 Senior Australian of the Year. At the time I was deeply moved by her explanation of what she called ‘dadirri’ as it resonated powerfully with my understanding of meditation.

Miriam-Rose speaks of dadirri as a special quality of her people, a unique gift, one which she says indigenous people can share with fellow Australians. In a nutshell it is inner, deep listening and quiet, still awareness. “Dadirri,” says Miriam-Rose “recognises the deep spring that is inside us; we call on it and it calls to us. This is the gift Australia is thirsting for; it is something like what you call ‘contemplation’.”

Miriam-Rose says that she can find peace in this silent awareness; and there is no need for words. The contemplative way of dadirri spreads over our whole life, renewing us, bringing us peace and making us whole again…

It would be difficult to find a more worthy recipient of this important award. Congratulations Miriam-Rose Uungunmerr-Baumann on becoming the 2021 Senior Australian of the Year.

And now let’s meditate in the way we are accustomed. You may wish to dedicate this meditation practice to those affected by the pandemic or you might have some other worthy intention.

 (Meditate for up to 20 minutes.)

 As we go about our daily activities I hope that by our attention, our awareness in the present, our wakefulness ….we will find joy in the midst of the losses brought about during these challenging days..