Meditation for Thursday 26 May 2022

Before we begin our main meditation practice tonight let’s begin with a Loving Kindness Meditation.

We close eyes and pay attention to the breath.
Examine our thoughts to see whether we have any worries, fears, grief, and anxiety.

Now we allow warm feelings to arise in our heart acknowledging that we are our best friend. We surround ourselves with loving thoughts whether they are about ourselves or about people we love or are fond of.

All the great spiritual traditions speak of peace. Peace in every aspect of our lives. Right now we dwell in peace and let that peacefulness extend to everyone.

We think of those people that are closest to us and embrace them with love, wish them peace and harmony as a gift from ourselves.

We think of those people who have done us harm or an injustice, we might in some instances call them enemies. We think of those we dislike.
Now we offer forgiveness and offer these people our gift of peace.

We think of those who are suffering; those in war ravaged conflict zones, refugees, those who are sick, the hungry, the homeless…disadvantaged people. We embrace them and wish them peace.

As happiness comes from loving which comes from our giving let us begin our meditation at the sound of the gong knowing that we not only meditate for ourselves but we also meditate for the benefit of others…


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